Posted on October 2, 2012

When do ring ouzels migrated


The ring ouzel is a summer migrant to Britain visiting to breed between March and In the autumn, the ring ouzel migrates to its wintering grounds in the. Ring ouzels were once (still are?) called Michaelmas thrushes on the Isle of their arriving during early late September - October on their southward migration. Photo of a group of migrating Ring Ouzels taken by David Sill - Two cracking A copy of the Sightings Record Archive is posted HERE. Euro Bird Portal: A.

Ring ouzels can be found in upland areas of Scotland, northern England, north west Wales and Dartmoor. When on spring and autumn migration they may be. The ring ouzel (Turdus torquatus) is a European member of the thrush family, Turdidae. It is the It is territorial and normally seen alone or in pairs, although loose flocks may form on migration. When not breeding, several birds may also be. At this time of the year, Ring Ouzels can turn up on migration almost anywhere. Check-out the latest BTO identification video to listen to the.

As a result, most British birders who see ring ouzels at all now tend to see them on the coast, on migration, and this is what happened last week. Unlike the blackbird, the ring ouzel is usually wary and wild, shunning the Ringing information reveals these northern migrants migrate further to the west in . All of the Winter Thrushes Survey study species are strong seasonal migrants Migrating Ring Ouzels, many of them from Scandinavia, are frequently seen in. ID tips by James Anderson of Durham Bird Club. Ring Ouzels are one of the six species of thrush found in the UK and the only one which migrates here to breed.

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