Posted on October 2, 2012

Subaru outback power steering whine when cold


For the past few months in the morning on a cold start, noise would be coming from the powering steering, every time I would turn the steering. When it gets cold, what sounds like my power steering whines really bad when I am turning the wheel. Once the car warms up, its fine but. Hi Justin, The Outback LL Bean H6 k + miles, power steering pump howled for the first 10 minutes when started from cold,then noise.

The power steering pump on my son's Subaru Outback whines quite loudly when it is cold. It is worse when you turn the steering wheel. Started to get cold out in Florida the past couple of days and on cold start my 06 STi power steering whine's. Goes away with about 15 minutes. The past 2 weeks where it has been VERY cold in the overnights, the next day when I leave in the morning my power steering in my 07 Legacy.

'08 Legacy SE, 5spd - hers '09 OB SE I traced my cold start wine to the power steering pump. . Welcome to the world on random subaru noises (I know this isn't really helpful but I thought I would just throw it out there:D). Power Steering Pump Relief Valve Service Bulletin # At this link is the whole bulletin in PDF format, courtesy of the Outback forum. My power steering pump moans like a cat in heat on cold mornings, gets a lot recently at Subaru Cape Town and was told its normal for it to whine like that by the service advisor. Logged. 10 Subaru Outback i Premium.

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