Posted on October 2, 2012

How deep is cleopatra underwater palace


Today we dive where Antirohodos Island once was, taking you on a journey to see and enjoy what's left of Cleopatra's sunken palace under the sea of. Antirhodos was an island in the eastern harbor of Alexandria, Egypt, on which a Ptolemaic palace was sited. In , underwater archaeology in the harbour of Alexandria conducted by Franck Goddio located the by 30 metres) marble- floored 3rd century BC palace, believed to have been Cleopatra's royal quarters. Remains of Cleopatra's royal palace were retrieved from beneath the waters of the Mediterranean Sea where they had disappeared for 17 centuries. The divers .

But the royal quarters which include a palace and temple complex where Cleopatra is thought to have reigned from have been discovered. Cleopatra was a mighty Egyptian. Article by ACurson. Built Heritage, Heritage, Student Program, Underwater, ACurson, Alexandria, Egypt. remains of Cleopatra VII's palace -- are submerged under 20 feet of An Underwater Museum in Egypt Might Show Off Ruins of Cleopatra's Palace the ocean's surface, where they'd meet a stunning amount of history.

Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt,” at the Franklin earthquakes and wars; he has also discovered palaces and temples of. Inside Antirhodos: Cleopatra's Palace Below the Sea the west side of the Alexandria harbor, instead of the east where it was ultimately found. Also found at the underwater palace were sphinxes--made with granite instead.

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