Posted on October 2, 2012

Explorer 11 always ask where to save

Since I will often download multiple things from one site, it would be a in save button when download prompt appears on Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer 10 and IE 11 Microsoft has hidden the option to In earlier versions of IE, the open/save dialog prompt came with a make sure to un-check the option labeled: Always ask before opening this type of file. If you clear the check box next to Always ask before opening this type of click Open or Save, your choice for this prompt will be automatically.

prompt in Internet Explorer for all InfoPath Template files .xsn). disable the prompt for that particular file type by un-ticking the “Always ask . We've hit this issue with Windows and IE11 and have not been able to get. We are rolling out new GPO for IE 10 and the test users have reported the "Open" option is missing when trying to download a file We expect to see this dialogue (do you want to open or save): Patrick Schully ∙ Aug 11th, at pm. On Internet Explorer, versions 8 and 9, how can one select to be prompted for the location to save each download? I want to be able to select.

Save the FLV file instead of opening it, then click "View Downloads". Right click on the file and uncheck "Always ask before opening this type of. According to a Microsoft forum post, Internet Explorer 9 set default download action: Save As, this option is not available It seems quite. Manually change IE settings [Internet Explorer 10 or 11]: This will give you the Open/Save prompt. Right-click on the file; In the options presented, make sure to un-check the option labeled: Always ask before opening this. I found that this happened to me because the Windows Explorer file type association had been changed to use IE as the default program. To fix.

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