Posted on October 2, 2012

How to configure library manager in tsm

To set up library sharing, you must define one Tivoli Storage Manager server as the library manager for your shared library configuration. Then, you must define. You must set up the library client server in order to configure the TivoliĀ® Storage Manager servers to share SAN-connected devices. You must define the library manager server. Use the following procedure as an example of how to set up a Tivoli Storage Manager server named JUDY as. You must set up the library manager server in order to configure the IBM Spectrum Protect The utility is in the \Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\server directory.

The Library manager receives the requests from the library clients and physically controls the library operations like mount/dismount. The library manager is the only Tivoli Storage Manager server who knows all volumes that are inside a library. To learn how to configure. Benefits of tape library sharing with Tivoli Storage Manager. . Installing on IBM AIX. Installing on Microsoft Windows

Chapter 5 where the TSM Library Manager and TSM Library Client 1- configure TSM server2server communications for command routing. hi i am trying to configure a library manager server with other server known " Library sharing" function (in TSM server extended edition) did not. Here we will be setting up a shared library definition (again from the old One thing to be aware of, on the old TSM library manager you will. Tivoli Storage Manager server LAN Library manager NATAL Log DB Figure 1 Library sharing configuration The objective is to change the.

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