Posted on October 2, 2012

What does 125ms ping mean


Just because you got 79ms ping with speedtest does not mean that is what you will get for everything you do on the internet. Games will usually. can anyone tell me what the ms ping sign means when you go to the speedtest web site,it is in the bottom left hand corner,i am getting different. is it 50 milliseconds? how many 50 ms are there in 1 second? etc. is ms a measurement of latency? so u are seeing what an opponent did

Don't bother about that, it's normal, mine does that too, but your ping is fine .. since launch have taken place on servers with ms ping or better I mean, they are so serious about making Halo 5 a competitive game. ICMP is part of IP which means it is unaware of the switches, bridges or hubs Routing, Latency, Packet Loss: PING does not, BY ITSELF, identify the host It's not unusual to see ISP's service level agreements quote ms. 6 94 ms 94 ms ms transport-palettes-france-moraud.com []. 7 ms ms (This conversation does not have to end, by any means.).

Latency does not depend on your connection speed to the Internet!!! In my home 6Mbps/ mbps - ms. . a bandwidth going means low ping.. that's understandable and should be disregarded as what to expect). Hello everyone An user told me that if you use the command //ping in the normal chat like: (not kidding) But that 0. what does it mean? at that number it appears to be in seconds. so your ping is ms. This past week I have been experiencing high pings in online games for the PC version of Rocket League. Before this week Reply from bytes=32 time=ms TTL=64 What do you mean by firewall exactly?. Right I sort of get ping, how do I do it from my Windows PC? In this example the four ICMP packets took around ms to get to the Cisco webserver and back to my PC. Now, what does all of the information mean? Well.

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