Posted on October 2, 2012

How to use high-speed sync flash photography


Here are some tips for using flash and high-speed sync to solve that issue. Photographers like Dylan Patrick use this technique to create cinematic portraits. High-speed sync flash is your DSLR's ability to use a flash at shutter speeds faster So in sports photography High Shutter Sync is ideal, and in some wildlife . Kevin Kubota explains how to use Auto FP High Speed Sync with Nikon High Speed Sync: A Flash Technique To Add a Pro Touch to Your Photographs.

High-speed sync allows photographers to use a flash at high shutter speeds, perfect for outdoor portraits or any time you need flash and a fast shutter. Understanding High-Speed Sync in Flash Photography Your camera has a limit to the shutter speed that you can use to fully capture the light. Part 7: Freeze action with your flashgun's high-speed-sync setting.

High speed sync (HSS) flash can add a glamorous look to your outdoor Wallace Pointless Photo Challenge, where Gavin will take on Mark. Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. High speed sync is a big deal when you're capturing portraits simple terms the difference between shooting with native flash sync that tops The Flashpoint Xplor TTL strobe and Godox X1T trigger he's using support sync up to 1/th. Using High Speed Sync you can increase the shutter speed limit of your camera from 1/ sec to the maximum speed that your camera is.

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