Posted on October 2, 2012

How to use imperium anvil ragnarok calculator


In RO, smiths can create steel, iron, elemental stones and various elemental or Select another Calculator Emperium Anvil ==> base_make_per + Then use the necessary hammer for the weapon level you wish to create. Once you click OK (or press Enter) the png, Emperium Anvil. Every time i try to forge i always use foods +10 dex and +10 luk plus The rms calc isn't accurate and you'll get a slap on the hand for linking it. Even with 99 dex /luk and the best dex/luk gear, emperium anvil and buffs you'll.

This is a basic calculator, if you get 'NaN' you forgot to fill in a field. Star Crumb. Star Crumb. Anvil Type: Emperium Anvil, Golden Anvil, Oridecon Anvil. This Forging Simulation is based on Ragnarok Online, Try forging your favorite weapon below! is created for sample data collecting purposes. you may also use this as your personal data collecting. Standard Calculation. ROPH Calculation Anvil. Anvil, Oridecon Anvil, Golden Anvil, Emperium Anvil. What to forge?. With Total LUK and DEX using only anvil, here's the BASIC Btw, Oridecon Anvil Gives +3% more chance, Golden +5%; Emperium +10%;.

See Also Emperium Anvil (RO2) External Links iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database Emperium Anvil The item's info window. Info Type Crafting Item Effects . The user MUST have an 'Anvil', as well as the materials required for the creation of that weapon in order for the An Anvil (Anvil, Oridecon Anvil, Golden Anvil / Emperium Anvil); A Hammer of respective Smithed Weapon . Use the hammer. A weapon may only have one element at a time and using more than one elemental stone will cause the forge to fail. Forging equipment includes Anvil, Oridecon Anvil, Golden Anvil, Emperium Anvil, Iron Hammer Anvils are kept in the main inventory and increase success rate. A Forging Calculator can be found here.

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