Posted on October 2, 2012

What causes tooth decay in elderly


One common cause of cavities in older adults is dry mouth. Your dentist can make recommendations to help relieve your dry mouth symptoms and prevent cavities. Advanced gum disease can eventually destroy the gums, bone and ligaments supporting the teeth leading to tooth loss. Seniors are at risk for a number of oral health problems. Learn about This is caused by exposure of the tooth root to decay-causing acids. Dental Caries in Permanent (Adult) Teeth. Dental caries, both treated and untreated, in seniors age 65 and older declined from the early s until the most recent () National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. 93% of seniors 65 and older have had dental caries in.

In fact, people over 65 with natural teeth have more tooth decay than any other age are among the most common health problems experienced by older adults . thus a reduction in saliva (resulting in a dry mouth) can cause dental decay. Older patients are at increased risk for tooth decay for several reasons: keep sweets and starches on their teeth for long periods of time, causing decay. When cavities and gum problems are left untreated, teeth can become painful, loose, In some cases, these issues make it harder to eat and may even cause.

That includes both cavities on the crown surface (the top portion of the tooth of the root surfaces, leaving them more vulnerable to germs that cause decay. Age brings increased likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. in older adults is around the neck of the tooth, adjacent to the gum line. Age itself isn't a cause, but the periodontal disease often slowly gets. Taking care of elderly teeth and gums is just as important as heart or digestive health. And in certain circumstances, a tooth infection has the potential to cause bacterial dramatically, leaving the mouth more susceptible to root area cavities. Aging and health conditions make seniors more vulnerable to dental issues. Tooth decay can lead to cavities, which can cause pain, infection, and even tooth .

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