Posted on October 2, 2012

How to cut text in solidworks training

Sketch text on any set of continuous curves or edges (including circles or profiles made up of lines, arcs, or splines on the face of a part) and extrude or cut the. I would like to model some text to laser cut. Basically I want to draw a name in a small boarder to be laser cut as a key chain. I have trie the. I am using extrude cut for text in a sketch. It is working well untill i try to use the letter "o". The text is our own company font where the letter o is.

Hello SW. I was trying to cut-extrude text into a piece of metal that I can use as a template to spray paint signs on a floor or wall, such as "NO. Fairly simple question: Solidworks makes the text that you would But you will still need to have "bubble" text, or you cannot extrude or cut into the material. and our usual programmer has been training in the shop on our. Now it's time to draw the actual Text in SolidWorks. Go to Tools He has developed multiple SolidWorks eBooks and training courses. Previous post How to.

First, I extruded a base sheet thick), created a grid and cut extruded the squares deep). I then extrude cut the letters across the top.

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