Posted on October 2, 2012

How to cure heart enlargement remedies


Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for this heart muscle condition in which the heart is enlarged. Symptoms of an enlarged heart can improve, but most often, treatment to correct the cause of the enlargement is needed. Baptist Health is known for advanced. Treatment depends on the underlying cause but options medications to stop the heart from enlarging any.

Cardiomegaly, or an enlarged heart, can be caused by a birth defect or it can develop later in life. Treatment and outlook depend on the. Identifying and Treating an Enlarged Heart Heart enlargement results from damage to the. Treat heart tissue scarring with diuretics. If you have an enlarged heart, especially if it due to cardiomyopathy.

Fortis hospitals has best enlarged heart medication in india with top doctors have years of experience. Overview covers symptoms, causes, risk factors. When an enlarged heart is causing congestive heart failure, other treatments focus on easing symptoms and keeping your heart.

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