Posted on October 2, 2012

How accurate is fitbit

Does the wrist I wear my device on affect accuracy? What can I do if my step count seems inaccurate? If my device measures heart rate or GPS. How accurate are Fitbit devices? Get information about the accuracy of your Fitbit data. How accurate is GPS? Get information on GPS reliability. The calories burned is not accurate. I've accurately tracked how many calories I' ve eaten over the past two weeks and I should have lost at.

Questioning Fitbit accuracy? Here's how accurately it measures your steps, calories burned, floors walked, sleep, and heart rate. Fitbit's accuracy for distance travelled was not as impressive. In general, Fitbit output did not match treadmill output, but this effect was also. Activity trackers that measure things like pulse rates are the subject of conflicting studies, including one cited in a lawsuit against Fitbit.

The researchers found that the harder someone exercised, the less accurate the trackers were. Fitbit tended to underestimate the heart rate. Accuracy of Fitbit Devices: Systematic Review and Narrative Syntheses of Quantitative Data. Feehan LM(1)(2), Geldman J(2), Sayre EC(2). No-one likes getting short changed, so if you think your Fitbit is logging too many steps – or worse, not enough – then calibrating your fitness.

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